28 Days to Go: Wednesday Giveaway

It's already Wednesday!  Do the mid-week hustle! I just picked up a new Burt Bees gloss for myself at Whole Foods so I thought to myself, one for me, one for you!  Along with the gloss, I'm giving away a pair of gold costume earrings with dangling black beads.  Shimmer on the lips, shimmer on the ears!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway

To enter, leave a comment below of your favorite lip care products.  What shades/styles/brands do you love wearing?  I'm addicted to MAC's lip glass just for the goopy, glossy feeling on my lips which I love.  I have multiple little plastic Vaseline containers too for those super duper dry days.  Also, I love Vaseline to put on my dry skin (elbows especially when I'm working on the floor!!) because it's a miracle worker.  You know who else loves Vaseline?

(Best video EVER!)  I just might have to bedazz a Vaseline container soon for another giveaway... "Your wildest dreams have come true!!!!!"

A winner will get randomly chosen next week!  Speaking of winners, congrats to Amanda Greer (Trina clutch), Margo Slaby (Braced-lets), and Taysha (orange bracelet)!  I know there are a few of you still waiting for won loot...fear not, everything is getting shipped out shortly!