63 Days to Go: Wendy's NDAD Creation

Miss Wendy sent along her very first refashion to be shared with everyone.  This is an exciting moment, people!

I LOVE your blog/project/challenge/event/all of the above! was inspired by your Harvard sweatshirt redo (refresher here!). I can't find my before photo, but picture a huge long sleeved, heavy sweatshirt.

I took the liberty to find something along these lines to get an idea...

maharishi-obisdian-oversized sweatshirt

It's just too hot to think of wearing a sweatshirt, so let's see what Wendy did to change this!

It was too heavy and baggy to wear, so I decided to refashion it into a "warm weather" wearable.  I chopped off the neck and sleeves, narrowed the sides, and used a thin piece of leftover shirt material for the halter tie.

New Dress A Day - DIY - upcycled vintage sweatshirt

Keep up your inspiring work!"

Wendy, I love what you did!!  What an awesome first go.  My only adjustment would be the school on your shirt :)  Just kidding, however I have a ton of UT friends who would be very thrilled to see this being worn loud and proud!  Can't wait to see the next project you have up your sleeve!