73 Days to Go: Wednesday Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday!  Nothing like a little mid-week giveaway in my book!  I've been super behind with giveaway winners, so drum roll please...  Congrats to Erinsmith14 (Je t'adore compact), MrsWrenches (vintage clutch/vintage pattern), and Debbie (beaded earrings/Nivea gloss). I've been working like a busy bee and enjoying some Olympics in the background since I returned from NC - totally addicted to everything and am getting sad that it's finishing up this week.

To win today's little batch of goodies - a Sula lipgloss, a rhinestoned box, and a pair of gorg nautical/rope-esque studs - leave a comment below with your favorite Olympics moment of this year, year's past, or something fab and made up if you're not into the Olympics :)  Like when Ro Ro McAdidas scored 100 goals in women's soccer in '96.  'Memba?? :)

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Earrings - Sula Gloss - Rhinestone Box

I don't think I just have one, but...I've loved seeing Missy Franklin win just because she's so grounded and awesome - I not so secretly want to be BFFs with her and sing 'Call Me Maybe'.  I was obsessed with the Netherlands Zonderland who rocked the high bar last night like a boss, and think Jennifer Suhr winning the pole vault was pretty incredible.  I just love watching the back stories of all the athletes too which totally suck me in.  And when I say suck me in, I mean bawl my eyes out!

Leave a comment below and a random winner will be picked next Wednesday, 8/14!!