85 Days to Go: Friday Giveaway

My time in the South has been such fun - lots of family to visit, BBQ to eat, and vintage wares to find!  I scored some goodies at the Goodwill outlet and let's just say took advantage of their pay-by-the-pound system and scored some super fab clutches in addition to some more formal pieces!!

New Dress A Day - Goodwill - Vintage Stash

Because I was so lucky with my clutch finds, I figured a giveaway would be in order.  Just want to share the thrifty love!!  Today, I'm giving away this lovely black satin-y clutch (it's also in the pic above!) with something else super fantastic...a pattern from my mom's collection!!  It was the one that I couldn't stop giggling over.  "Show-Me! Patterns" in their Reversible Vest variety?!?!?  I know you want it!!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Vintage Stash Giveaway

To enter, leave a comment below with something you remember loving/wearing/needing to have that you would totally take back now if you could.  I remember 'needing' a Hypercolor T-shirt when I was a kid and when I finally got one (after the initial hoopla wore down) it didn't change color!!  A winner for this (as well as last week's earrings) will be picked early next week!  Can't wait to hear all these gems.

Happy Friday!