132 Days to Go: Robin's NDAD Creation

I fell in love with Robin's project as soon as I received it a while back.  She's literally my little crafty twin and if she taught a jewelry making class, I'd totally sign up.  (PS, it's the perfect summer project to make with all the parties/bbq's that are around the corner - you'll be swimming in materials to use for the piece from the Mexican Cokes to the Newcastles!)

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found your blog!!  As a bit of a thrifty biatch myself, I often find interesting prints on muumuus but never tackle them because they are SO gargantuan!!  You've inspired me into realizing that more muumuu means more fabric to use and love.  And really, how often can you get a couple yards of 80's floral for a buck!?  Brava!!

I am a beer nut and have amassed a rather awe inspiring (or perhaps, embarrassing) collection of caps.  I recycle these caps into necklaces and bracelets...and goodness, I don't mean the typical "put-a-picture-of-Edward-Cullen-in-the-bottom-and-fill-it-with-epoxy" type of bottle cap necklace...

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dresses - beer cap necklace - 132

I think mine are way more interesting.

What a cool and chic statement necklace!  From afar it looks like buttons or colorful beads, but up close...BAM!

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - beer bottle cap necklace - 132

Really, congratulations on your amazing site; I know it's been a wonderful inspiration to lots of frugal guys and gals!!" 

Robin, thank you for sharing your cool craftyness!  I love this project and will totally have to have you make me one!