173 Days to Go: Amy's NDAD Creation

Today's remake comes from Amy F. in Southern Maryland...I love her story!!

I saw on your blog that you had a few people who sent in there thrift store revamps and I just wanted to send in mine.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you've done on your blog.  It has given me the courage to attend sewing lessons and go to thrift stores to revamp things into beautiful creations.  I have always thought I hated fashion but in fact, I love fashion...I just hate shopping.

I feel you - the shopping process can be arduous at times, but the fashion aspect totally rules!

I am somewhat curvy and lots of things I like are too much out of my price range but the things that are in my price range just seem plain - and don't always fit me correctly.

Here's Amy's before...

New Dress A Day - Reader Creation - Amy Before

Let's see what she did with that black and white piece!!

I cut off the sleeves and made the dress shorter and then hemmed it all up.  Two easy steps and she got this beauty...

New Dress A Day - Reader Creation - Amy After

Hello gorgeous!!  Amy, you look amazing :)

I wanted to send this to you because I thought it looked insanely close to one of your revamps. 

I knew exactly which one this reminded her of because it reminded me of it too!!  Back during my first year of blogging - Day 239, summer, the return of Mad Men '10.   Refresher shots below!

New Dress A Day - Day 239 - Vintage Mad Men Dress- Before

New Dress A Day - Day 239 - Vintage Mad Men Dress- After

Without you I don't think I would have seen the potential is this gorgeous dress."

Amy, those words are music to my ears - I love what you did and can't wait to see more pieces!!