Week 3: Norma

We're going green today!  We'll...we're going green everyday, but today we're actually in that lovely shade! Marisa - this plain green dress was something I wore routinely to work about 20 years ago.  It hasn't been touched in a long time, so I figured I'd send to you instead of donating to the church.  The color is great, but I'm ready to pass it along.  Enjoy!  Norma

Week 3: Norma - Before

PS, I love this sour look on my face - it's like I just took a bite out of a lemon!  Norma is totally right - it's just a plain green dress, but I'm going to add a little bit of pizazz!

I was completely inspired by BCBG's Rosetta dress...

BCBG's Rosetta Dress - $176

...but instead of actually making cut-outs, I started off with lace to make faux ones!

Lace cutting!

I trimmed similar rounded-diamond shaped pieces of lace and placed them down towards the neck.  I made the center one a little larger than the outlying ones and used double sided tape to keep them in place while stitching.

Double Stick Tape!

I picked the target locations and taped down!


With matching pink thread, I began to stitch around the outside of the lace.  When I made it about 1/4 of the way around, I removed the tape and then finished stitching the edges.


I thought the color palette of the green and pink was totally fitting for my evening, as I was going to be in cooking mode with my favorite kiddos copying the below cupcakes.  (These were totally a Pinterest find!)

Bunny Cupcakes!

I headed over to A & O's for a fun night of sweet treats!  We mixed, we poured...

Mixing & Filling

...we licked!

The best part!

Our version came out looking like this...

Our version!

Instead of taking the time to make fondant, I snagged some Laffy Taffy and molded ears out of it!  Easy and fast substitution.  Plus, the ears now matched the top of my new outfit.

Bunny eared top to match!

Unsure if the coconut would be a hit, because I was never a fan when I was a kid, I quickly saw that it did not pose a problem.

Best way to attack a cupcake!

I think that if coconut was put on top of a cupcake with delicious icing when I was a kid, I might not have disliked as much!

Spidey likes cupcakes!

Sugar high that kept my fave duo up for a bit longer than usual...check.  We had a fake slumber party in the living room, but I promised them that I'd come back for a real one soon.  (Me along with A & O's parents were secretly enjoying the kiddos sneak out of bed hijinks but the slumber party promise/pinky swear was given to assist in actually going to bed.  O already had his 'let's make a deal speech' ready, so ice cream sundaes were added to the slumber party pot.)

Slumber party!

Such a fun night to get crafty with edible ingredients as well as fabric ones!


I think I'm going to do a little repeat action this weekend for Easter.  Coconut cupcakes here I come!  Thank you for the fantastic piece Norma!!