Week 5: SXSW Day III

My final SXSW ensemble came from the leftovers of this puppy... Patricia's Week 7 Dress

I turned it into this a few weeks ago...

Striped Dress - After #1

...and was now going to take these leftovers and make them into something fun!!


Let's do it!

Knowing that I had the skirt part leftover, from the mid thigh down, I had a few options.  Wrap skirt or some sort of top.  I decided to go top and thought something flowy and strapless would be key for the humidity and heat!  I cut the fabric in half...

Trim in two!

...and now had two swatches.  I took one half, folded the raw edges under, pinned in place...

Edge tweaks!

...and then took the other bit of fabric and began to pin it around the center of the first piece of fabric to make a separate layer.  All the open sides of both layers of fabric were pinned together (wrong sides facing out) and then stitched in place.  The top of the piece was sewed and secured and the new top was almost complete!

Sewing machine ride time!

I turned it inside out and grabbed a vintage pin to gather the extra material up top to make it secure.  Flowy top, check!!

Week 5: SXSW Day III - After

The weather was warm and amazing and I was actually loving the humid air.  I know it's weird, but I have to say that my skin works way better with the extra moisture.  With humidity brings beads of sweat but I'm totally on board if that means dewy skin without using MAC pigment to get it!

Hot Hot Heat!

Post-show, we headed to a little flea market and browsed the stands.

Flea Market Time!

I totally got stuck at this amazing vintage jewelry booth and found one thing that I was obsessed with.  I walked away and kept thinking about it (great trick to see if you really must have that item!) so I returned and scooped it up.

I feel like an honorary Thundercat!!

Post our shop stop, we headed back into town, listened to more music, ran into more musicians...

His "Little Lion Man" beard is even more amazing in person!

...got more venue wristbands...

Wrist o'bands!

...saw more amazingness...

Neon Kicks!

...and then ended the day with a big, huge meal at Trudy's!!

Mmmmm Mexican!

I mean the amount of queso that I've consumed this week cannot even be described.  (PS, I think I would turn into queso if I lived in Austin!)

Yeehaw Trudy's!

Unfortunately I had to bid adieu to Texas, but not before spending a whole lotta time at DFW.  With all the rains in Dallas I had some fun flight delays that allowed me to finish The Hunger Games in one sitting, drink some Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, and walk up and down Terminal E multiple times as a makeshift track.  My fave store in the whole airport??

Where are the cheerleaders??

A fun trip it was, but it's back to LA I go!!