Week 6: Viva Texas

Hello, hello!!  I've finally made it to Texas (currently in Dallas) and am cruising on over to Austin first thing in the morning!  My SXSW outfits are packed and I'm ready to go!! Yeehaw!

Before tomorrow's outfit post, today I'm giving away a copy of the fun new book, Mend It Better by Kristin Roach!  I was asked to contribute a while back and crafted a lovely piece that started off looking like this...

Marisa - Before

...and ended up looking like this!

Marisa - After (but not on me!!)

Totally not used to seeing someone else wearing the piece I made!!

This is just getting me even more super excited about mine coming out this fall!!  (More details on that very, very soon!!)

One randomly picked reader (on 3/20) is going to receive their own copy of MIB.  To win, leave a comment below with one of your favorite concert experiences!  I've got music on the mind right now, getting festival ready, so share with me a memorable music moment of yours :)

Here's mine...it's a total doozy.  It's 1988.  I'm wearing very, VERY heavy earrings with beads, dangling charms, and other assorted random wire shapes hanging from them and I'm with my parents, my little 8-year old friends, and the parents of my little 8-year old friends.  We're all going to see Tiffany - remember, it's 1988 - at Jones Beach on Long Island and are running a bit late (story of my life).  We're hustling through the parking lot, pulling the arms of our adult chaperones to make it into the amphitheater in time, and we begin to hear high pitched singing.  Obviously we start freaking out that Tiffany is on stage and we're missing her.  We get inside and don't see Tiffany on stage but instead a fivesome of boys with girlish sounding voices.  It was New Kids On The Block, the opening act.  It was right before they blew up into crazy-teen-stardom-frenzy so we didn't really know who they were at the time.  About six months later, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, Danny, and Donnie would be plastered all over pillows, T-shirts, and sleeping bags at slumber parties across America.

I'll be posting Facebook and Twitter photo updates while I'm out and about roaming the Austin streets!  (PS, thank you to all who sent over favorite Austin spots/eats to scope out!)