Week 7: Patricia

I went with the stripes for today!!  Patricia in TN sent this purdy piece my way... Howdy Marisa!!

I came across this piece while cleaning out my closet!!  I remember wearing this some years back (more like many years back, lol) and just loving the print at the time.  I've outgrown it and instead of bringing it to Goodwill, I'm mailing it to you, my Goodwill pen pal!  Have fun with it!  Patricia

Week 7: Patricia - Before

I love the stripes, but this just needed a bit of a face lift!

I began by doing a bit of trimming.

Began my cut!

I wanted to keep this a top and leave a bit of fabric dangling at the waist.

Split in half!

Once cut, I decided to bring another stripe into the picture.  I grabbed some black nylon ribbon and began to pin it around the bottom edge of the new top!


The edges were pinned and I began to sew it in place!  I used a zig zag stitch to affix...

Ribbon Stitch Down!!!

...and then grabbed a belt to cinch the waist that was a little loose before heading out to meet girlfriends for dinner.

I also met this gentleman who was our server/sous chef/owner/rad shirt wearer of this small, delish, mini mall, European resto and had to have my photo taken alongside.  He's rocking the orange and the polka dots like a boss (...um well, he is the boss).


The flutter below the waist felt like a little skirt!

Week 7: Patricia - After

If only the night was being broadcast in black and white!!  The red and grey shades really pop.

B&W time!

Now I'm craving some episodes of Bewitched!!  And my nose is wiggling, but only because it's cold and itchy.  A sign??  Just call me Samantha :)

Loved the dress Patricia - thank you!!!