Week 8: Charlotte

The story behind this dress, unfortunately does not come from a gal named Charlotte, but the city in North Carolina.  I picked it up along the way on my cross country journey.  We happened to come across a Goodwill pay-by-the-pound spot where I found this winner... Who knew Jessica Fletcher was authoring books during her mystery solving down time?!?

...and this one:

Week 8: Charlotte - Before

The purple intrigued me, but the fit did not.  I was liking what I saw from behind...

Back View!

...and the wheels got turning!!

With the button back and no darts in the front, I thought I'd do a little back-to-front switcharoo!!

I snipped the tag situated right next to the buttons in the back, so when it's turned around and unbuttoned, there won't be any tag business showing.

Trim that tag!!

Dress was put on, the top three buttons were opened, sleeves were rolled up, and waist was cinched with the matching belt.  PS, I was thrilled that the belt was actually still attached to the dress!!  I usually come across pieces sans waist cinchers :)


It was one of my best gal's birthday, so I put on the heels and headed out to dinner.

Favorite girls!

I was playing around with the shutter speed on the camera and got a lovely candid of the celebratee!

Birthday gal!

I also got a candid of the delish dessert, ricotta fritters with blueberries and whipped cream.  They were literally donuts.  Delicious, handmade, warm, donuts.


After an evening of talking loud over the music and crowd, eating delectable desserts and toasting the birthday girl, I was ready for bed.  I got home, threw on the glasses, and began to unbuckle my heels.

It's Glasses Time

Oh, and the heels...thrifted Betsey Johnson, in pristine condition, for $12.


They were 8.5 for my size 9 feet, but still fit.  Makin' it work on all levels!!