Week 22: Dawn's NDAD Creation

Today's piece comes my way from Dawn in Portland :)  It looked cozy and something that I wanted to put on while I wait for the heater to get fixed in my apartment.  Of the seven days that it rains in LA, I'm plagued with a heater unable to be repaired by the gas company after waiting until 8:30pm for their arrival during my all day (7am-8pm) window. (Sorry, small vent there!)  OK, on to the piece!! "I love your blog.  When I open my blog feeds and see a new post it is the first thing I read - honestly.  I have been much inspired by your creations, and finally made it to the nearby Goodwill to try my own hand.

Dawn Marie - Before

This one is the one my husband seriously did not believe was the same garment in the end.  It jumped out at me in the store and I knew I wanted to try and dye something.

I tossed this into my wash on hot with a package of scarlet RIT powder.  I let it soak for 30 minutes before running a full cycle, and it came out this wonderful pink color.  After a quick dry I started in on the seams - I took the bottom off first (now into the scraps pile) and then I ripped the seams off the front between the ties and the bust.  I cut the tie so one side was really long and the other just long enough.

Dawn Marie - After

I pinned everything together and started to sew the ties back on.  I had to hem the back a little to prevent fraying, but it was actually a pretty simple sew job.  I ended up with a great ballet top that kept my arms warm when I had to run out and get new sewing machine needles when the next project I worked on snapped my last one." 

DM donning her fab wrap top!!

Thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your top Dawn!!  This is the perfect piece to throw on on top of an outfit for just that extra bit of warmth :)  I'd be wearing it now if I could!!