Week 23: Cristin's NDAD Creation

Happy Sunday friends!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  I took a trip up north to San Francisco to hang with some amazing pals and taste some amazing wine.  I'll have a fun post to share tomorrow!!  Today's piece comes from my gal Cristin... “Hello!  First let me say, you’re uber creative, and I’ve loved following you.  Like every creative and DIY project I see, I thought to myself – I could do that!  I made this proclamation aloud to a coworker and he challenged me, saying, ”No way you are going to do that… If you make a muumuu into an appropriate dress and wear it to work, I will wear a suit that day."  (I work in a very casual environment). We set a cut-off date and I took the challenge!!

Week 23: Cristin - Before

Let's see how this challenge goes down!!

…so I failed - Ha! - to meet the cut-off day, anyway.  But, I did get it done (a lot harder than it looks) and here are the results.  I lost a bunch of material, made ruched sleeves out of the mess that the sleeves were, added a belt from some of that extra material, and relocated the buttons.

Week 23: Cristin - After

Not too bad as long as no one gets too close to me, in a well-lit room.

Um, this turned out adorable Cristin!!  Love the polka-dots and from a not-too-close standpoint, you look fabulous!!

    ECU!! (Cristin's Extreme Close Up!)

It was a fun project and maybe one I will do again – thanks for the inspiration!

Even though you didn’t hit the cut off date, I hope your co-worker still donned that suit.  I mean, this piece is totally suit-worthy and I will sign that petition to have him wear it if need be.  Thanks for sharing lady!!