Week 26: Natalia's NDAD Creation

I've been in a slight bridesmaid mode as of late, from all the wedding's I've actually been attending and the fun b'maid dresses I've been getting down and dirty with for the book...there will be some total winners, I promise!!  Natalia's dress fit the theme, so I had to post it today. Little sidenote...her subject line of her email was especially catching - College budget = 0 money for winter formal dress!

"So I thought I would send you some pictures of the dress I altered for my college junior year winter formal.

Natalia - Before

What I have to say is that the only sewing I've really had was when I was really young and my mom tried to get me to sew pj pants - I hated sewing then.  When my roommate showed me your blog I started getting excited to sew, but the problem was I had nothing to start with.  I went to a second hand store and bought a $25 dollar sewing machine and started asking people for donations for clothing.

Let's see how this winner turns out!!

Anyways I got this dress from a family friend and I couldn't put the dress on since It was a size extra small and I couldn't get it zipped up.  So I just took the top off and used the skirt as a dress. (I love that trick!!)

Lace front!

I needed more fabric so I removed the zipper in the back added the purple lace stuff and turned the skirt completely around so the back was now the front. Something I saw you do ;)

Pin & Attach!

Then I took off some length, added some more lace for a belt, re-added a zipper in the back and made a completely free dress for my winter formal.

Natalia - After

Since college budget doesn't really allow you to spend much I decided to go for free! (Again, sold me at the word free!!)


Hope you like it and thanks for your inspirations!"

Funny Faces!

This dress turned out fantastically well Natalia!!  You look gorgeous and totally the belle of the winter formal ball :)  From a gifted dress to something to rock on the dance floor, kudos for making something so chic - keep sewing up a storm!