Copycat: Tommy Hilfiger

It's COPYCAT day!!! Today's inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2011 collection and specifically the sweater below...

Copycat - Tommy Hilfiger

I loved his campaign this season!

Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2011 Campaign

It had a total Royal Tenenbaums feel which I'm obsessed with!!

The Royal Tenenbaums!

I began with the sweater I used on Day 15

Day 15!

...and then I got started!

I loved the spread that Lucky Magazine had in their Heidi Klum issue and this is really what got me inspired!!

Lucky Magazine spread

Instead of dyeing, I grabbed some grosgrain ribbon in the blue colors similar to the ones on the sweater.  (I didn't grab enough the first go and had to return to my fabric store to grab more!)

Ribbon City!!

I began by snipping down the front of the sweater to open it up.

Center Trim!

Once it was open...

Trimmed and all opened up!

I began pinning the grosgrain ribbon down, both colors, to the center of the sweater, to the cuff's edges, and to the bottom of the piece before stitching everything down.

Pinning Ribbon Time!

Once my sweater was sewn, I paired it with a Lilly Pulitzer top (how much preppier can you get??) and skinny jeans for the day look...

Copycat sweater by day...

...before switching into a navy tank and my gold Steve Madden heels for the evening!

Copycat sweater by night...

The primary colors kept coming in the watermelon sushi with beets and frisee that was had at dinner with the girlfriends.

Watermelon Sushi!

Not only is the sweater chic, it's super soft and comfy.  I could have fallen asleep here at my high top table at Vintage Enoteca.

Pass out time...

Thanks for making an awesomely fun and ivy league-ish look Mr. Hilfiger.  I feel like a total prepster today!! :)