Week 40: Cinco de Mayo!

You guys got a little preview of the before dress, but when I saw it, I immediately thought that this was the Cinco de Mayo dress of my dreams :) Cinco de Mayo - Before

I mean the embroidery was divine!!  (...and colorful)  It was too long and there was some spottage towards that bottom that had to get chopped off.

The embroidery!!

I started off by marking off the area of the muumuu that I wanted to remove and then went to Trim City!

Mark & Trim

After trimming off enough material to make this end up knee-length, I ironed down my edges, pinned the hem in place and sewed the ends down!

Pin & Iron

This was just an easy hem adjustment for today to make my Cinco ensemble fun and themetastic!!

Paired with my wedges, some beads and extra sign flare the ensemble was ready to cheer on the day's festivities!!

Cinco de Mayo - After

From BBQ-ing...

Grill time!

To sipping....

Double Fisting!

I stuck to a Corona Light but clearly picked up the brand new Cuervo bottle for photo purposes.  People were taking shots, shots, shots, shots, shots and working on getting down the pinata.  I didn't even get a chance to try as it was knocked down by go three.  I did enjoy the Tootsie Rolls that came out though.

Happy weekend friends!! :)