Week 43: Oscar Week Leftovers - The Social Network

I went back to my piece from Oscar Week, my homage to The Social Network for today's creation. Mark Zuckerberg's Sweatshirt!!

These leftover cuffs had been sitting on my sewing table since then and I had been looking at them way too long!  I wanted to finally put them to use!


I actually had the perfect idea - something that isn't currently in my collection that I secretly wouldn't mind wearing when I'm hiking...

I seam ripped the area between the excess sweatshirt material and the cuff first...

Seam rippin'

Once the extra material was removed...


I folded under the cuffs and pinned them in place before I sewed the edges down.


I went to my stash of iron-ons!!

Iron ons!!

Cut out a few 'M's...


...and ironed down!!

Iron time!

I removed the decal...

Almost there!

...and voila!  Personalized wristband!!


I did a little color switch up just for fun, but I'm excited to actually start wearing them!  I always thought they were just a statement...


...but look forward to not wiping my face on my shirt sleeve anymore while running or hiking Runyon Canyon!  I got my bands to keep my face drip free and the sweat out of my eyes and contacts which is not a pleasant feeling :)

Pair o'bands!!

Prepare for in-action pics this weekend!!