Week 45: Theresa

I adored this piece when I opened a little package from Theresa in Mt. Vernon. "I have piles of sweaters that I don't wear anymore and thought you'd have fun working with knits!"

Week 45: Theresa - Before

The floral knit was gorgeous, plus it was in my favorite mauve-ish/pink palette too!  It was completely reminiscent of those big and baggy 80s sweaters - Dana Scott had some brilliant ones!!

Dana Scott!!

Um fireworks?  Amazing!!  And the classic holiday one?!   You can't go wrong using this one at those costumed holiday shindigs.

More Dana Scott!!

Right off the bat, I thought a pillow could be lovely with the rose being the focal point, but the idea of the sweater dress was a little more intriguing, not to mention it's back!  Even Alexander Wang is doing them, albeit a bit distressed...

A Wang

I decided just to make a few easy tweaks to go down the sweater dress route!

The shoulder pads were the first thing that got removed.

Shoulder pads, really?

All I wanted to do was tighten this up and make it a bit more fitted so I could pair with some tights and boots.   I tried the sweater on inside out and began pinning where I wanted to bring it in.  I took it to the sewing machine next...

Taking it in!!

Because it was a looser knit, I went super slow just so the presser foot wouldn't get stuck in the loops which happened in the beginning.  I stitched it twice with a zig zag stitch inbetween (2 straight lines with a zig zag in the middle) before I trimmed the excess.  I didn't take the sleeves off and just made a longer stitch from the sleeves through the body of the piece.  I took in about three inches on each side in the body and close to the same on the sleeves.

That was all - easy breezy.  I took a fab pair of maroon DKNY tights I snagged at Marshalls, my brown boots and a half slip and tank combo underneath and it was ready for the rain!

Week 45: Theresa - After

From 80s baggy to a bit tighter, this was the just the warm and cozy outfit for the day.

Sweater Dress!!

In doing some sweater research, I came across the below which I could pretty much guarantee I had in my closet.

I think I literally owned this!!

I think I need to go on a sweater hunt now!!  Thanks Theresa!!