Week 49: Oscar Week – Blue Valentine!

It's Oscar Week!! Oscar Week!!

Today’s piece comes from the independent film that I actually didn't see with two of my favorites Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling…


Blue Valentine

My before dress looked a little something like this...

Blue Valentine - Before

Yep, I'm going literal today friends :)

I knew offhand that I wanted to keep this a dress - I just didn't like the length of the body paired with the shortness of the skirt, so I was going to bring the skirt up and cut the torso area in half.

I turned the dress inside out and the area where the skirt began, I pinned that to where I actually wanted it to begin.

New waist is a-comin!!

Once I had it pinned, I went to the sewing machine to stitch it in place.

Stitching new waist!!

After the waist was brought up, I took out the shoulder pads and took the arms and torso area in a few inches just to make it more fitted.

Out with the pads!

I have to say, the final kind of reminded me of the style of Michelle Williams' dress by SUNO she wore to Cannes.

Michelle Williams in Cannes!

To add the Valentine aspect to the dress, I added my red boots, red glasses from my Middle School collection (seriously!), a floraly, multicolor belt, and a little heart necklace from my costume collection...

Blue Valentine - After

Plus, I channeled the Justin Bieber again...


My version...

"Are we an item? Girl, quit playin' "We're just friends," what are you sayin'?"

Day 4 of Oscar Week down!  Another nominee tomorrow!!