Week 50: Tara

New week, new dress!!  Today's comes from the lovely Tara up in O, Canada! "Today a fan/friend brought me a bag of fabric bits her mom was getting rid of. As I sorted through it I found this hideous dress.  This is my bff holding it up...

T's BFF holding it up!

So I'd love to send it to you and see what brilliant idea you come up with!  You always manage to amaze even with the most hideous things."

Well thank you oh, so, very much Tara.  The before looked a little like this when I tried it on...

Week 50: Tara - Before

We've got some work to do!!

This was a pretty big piece on me.  I thought the best thing to do would be take it apart at the top of the dress - take out the seams at the shoulders and then refigure-out the straps.  I began my seamripping adventure.

Seamripping the shoulders!

The front and back of the dress were totally disconnected at the shoulders...

Undone seams!!

I went to the arms next and began to remove those as well.

Sleeve removal time!

With the arms gone...

The leftovers!

...the front and back of the dress were pretty much two separate pieces!

Back of the dress!

I tried the dress back on and brought the waist area up to my bust.  Because the dress had fabric naturally going to the right and left from this area, I thought this would be perfect to cover up my boobs :)  I gathered and pinned the area at my shoulders where I needed to stitch a new seam, trimmed the extra dangling fabric and also did a little signature cinch and pinch - cinched the area at my collarbone on each side.  I also pinned the areas where the dress needed to be taken in, cut the dress shorter, prepared the hem for the bottom of the dress and sewed everything up!

New seams and a brand new hem!

Black tights, boots and my new dress was the outfit for a little pre-Grammy soiree.

Week 50: Tara - After

It was my first night really going out since I had been sick, so it was nice to feel a bit normal again and get a little more dressed up.  Leggings stayed at home.

I was entertained by the sparklers and bottles of champagne that were getting dropped off at tables...

Champagne & Sparklers!

...and took a breather with a gimlet (full of sponsored Ciroc) while sitting on a very long and large wooden bench that was elevated and hung from the ceiling with lots of heavy duty chain.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that the 15 of us who were sitting on it wouldn't break it.  We ended up being fine.

Swingin' on a wooden indoor swing!

A fun night out with a little Natasha Bedingfield performance isn't too bad for getting back into the swing of things.  Travel pack of Kleenex was brought along and heavily used however...just easing back into things.

Thanks for the dress T!!  Check out her crafty blog here!  www.sewtara.com