Day 356. 9 days and $12 left to go.

When I first came across this lace dress I knew it wouldn't stay this ivory color... Day 356 - Before

Partially because of these areas of discoloring...


...and mostly because it's just a bit too drab.  I wasn't inspired with a color that screamed, "get me on that dress" either so it was sitting in a pile for a bit.  That is until I saw this...

I Heart MW!

Michelle Williams, who I adore, rocked this Erdem number in London last month and this picture immediately gave me the inspiration I needed.  Why thank you red, I will definitely be using you to transform this piece into awesomeness!!

First step...grabbed some RIT Dye in Cherry Red!!  Went to the washing machine, let it fill up with hot water, added the dye and lots of salt and let the dress marinate!!

Hello RIT dye :)

It came out looking fabulous and after a quick toss in the dryer, it was shortening time!!


Took my Singer scissors and cut off enough to make this something that's going to hit me above my knees.

Extra fabric!

Got pinned and prepped to sew a new hem...

Ready to hem!

...and had my dress ready to go!!

Day 356 - After

I came across a fabulous Topshop piece that's also feeling the red lacy vibe.  It's not in the multiple, multiple hundreds like the Erdem one but still carries a price tag that is out of my budge.

Topshop's $90 version

I didn't have the leopard shoes like Michelle but I did have leopard fabric...

Leopard belt!

In my complete copycat mode, I added and pinned this fabric onto a pre-existing sash to wear around my waist.  I love the red/leopard combo so this was just the thing to give it a little extra finesse.  Grrr!!