Day 351. 14 days and $17 left to go.

It's muumuu Sunday!!  Figured that I'd close out the weekend with another muumuu today.  Rainbow Brite yesterday, Secret Garden today!! Day 351 - Before

Aside from the fact that it's a muumuu, I really quite liked the floral pattern - the blend of hot pink and blues on top of the maroon was totally clicking for me.  The sashes that were attached from the back needed to be put to work but otherwise, it's a muumuu deconstruction kind of day!!

I wanted to keep the length for this one today, so after trying on and playing around with options for a bit, I decided to go the sleeveless route.  Grabbed seam rippers...

Seam rippin!

...and started taking the seam out of the right shoulder.

Partially detached!

...I removed the seam in the front, the back and at the neck of the muumuu.

One down...

After some meticulous de-threading, both sleeves were finally dunzo!!


I wanted the top to fit like a glove so I brought it in about two inches on both sides.  I also tweaked the raw edges on the sleeves while I had the sewing machine out :)

Tightening up!

After the sewing was complete, I added a belt and loosely untucked it a smidge to make it a little baggy.  Paired with some boots I had a fun night ahead.  We'll go backwards...

Day 351 - After

I ended my night here - enjoyed some Italian food with JT which was the perfect finish to the appetizer, if you will, of my night...

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

...which was the delish David Beckham playing for our LA Galaxy.  It was like I could have touched the Brit.

Bend it Like Beckham!!

They lost to Dallas 3-0, but it was a fun night of watching soccer, World Cupper Landon Donovan and Britlicious Mr. Beckham.


Didn't see Posh anywhere, but I'm wondering if she would have been on board with the ensemble?


Perfect way to cap off the weekend...

Two weeks left!!