Day 309. 56 days and $58 left to go.

There was something a little country western fabulous about this number!! (I actually came across an even BIGGER country western fabulous number this weekend that's got a little more bling and fringe that you'll just have to hold out a bit to see...) Light denim collar and cuffs, but of course.  Gold studs, check.  The white gauzy fabric was what I loved because it was light and breezy, perfect for the summer, I mean hot California October.

Day 309 - Before

I've got some plans on the horizon for this one...It's blue and white too, perfect colors to root on the Dodgers for their final game this season.

Clearly these denim cuffs were giving me agita so the sleeves are going far, far away...

Cutting off the sleeves!!

First one, total success.  Next one will be good to go in no time!

And now the other one!

With the sleeves off it's time to begin work on the neckline.  I grabbed my seam rippers and began to prep the halter that this was going to become!!

Seam Rippin!

I began taking the collar and some of the denim trim off of the top of the dress.

Getting closer...

Now that it was completely detached...

Hanging by a string, er, collar!

...we're going to stitch down this trim into rectangular straps and take off the extra studded denim from the top.  There's just going to be white cotton on top with a little of this trim action!  Goodbye studded blue denim...

Prepping for a halter!

Hello, new back with pins in it ready to be sewed down!!

Back seam!!

Out came the sewing machine and we got down to business!!

Sew it all up!

I put my dress on (with a slip to assist in the non-see-throughness) and just before taking my after pic, I spilled some of my McDonald's iced vanilla coffee on my dress.

Day 309 - After

So typical.  l took some napkins soaked in water to dab out the spots, but I tried not to think about it because we just arrived to Dodgers Stadium for the Dodgers last game of the season versus the Diamondbacks!  Too much fun to look forward to without crying over some spilled milk, er coffee.

(Ooh and just to see the back of the you go!)


My girl NK invited us to today's game and we were treated to a little box seat action complete with our own grub!!

Dodger Dogs!!

Got to enjoy the warm, breezy afternoon with the company of some of my favorite people.

Box buddies!

Aside from the win, my other fave part?!?  DAVID HASSLEHOFF sang "God Bless America" at the seventh inning stretch.

Don't Hassle the Hoff!!

My girl, Lady M, was totally jamming along with Hasslehoff too :)


...especially when he got on top of the Diamondbacks dugout dancing to "Don't Stop Believin'" with the staple Dodgers dancy dude who has his own choreography for each line of the song!

Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard!!

It felt like the end of the summer today, however even though the Dodgers' season is over,  my NY Yanks are still in it to win it!!  Whoot, whoot!!

The last game of the season concludes...

The team bro'd out and gave each other hugs and high fives after the final game of the season.

Hugs to celebrate the end of the season!

Before leaving we took a final girls pic right outside the entrance.

My gals!!

The most relaxing and fun way to end the weekend!  Friends, awesome seats, and yummy baseball eats.  Sundays rule!