Day 285. 80 days and $81 left to go.

I LOVE the bold and busy prints and bringing them from a "no way" state to a "sign me up" one!! Day 284 - Before

I was feeling just like Lucille Ball in this...


There were lots o'dots on the fabric itself and I really disliked this blend of dainty, Victorian (in the collar) that went along with the dots.  So, hello adios time, you've arrived!!

Starting to take off the collar!

I grabbed my seam ripper and began to unstitch the piece at the collar.  In just a few minutes, one side was completely removed.  I continued and got rid of the entire thing.

One side done...

I wasn't loving this as a dress either.  There was just too much going on here so I got my scissors and trimmed right at where the "skirt area" (the little mini skirt that fell at my waist) was.

Trimming the skirt!

After going from dress to top I wanted to tweak one last thing.  Now these sleeves as they were, were a bit big.  I thought it would be fun to try this out...instead of cutting and reseaming, I pulled out my "Crafty MacGyver-ness" and made them shorter with a little trick.

I just grabbed a hair tie (a bigger, more elasticked one) and put it in the area between my elbow and hand...

Sleeve Trick!!

Make sure the hair tie doesn't cut off your circulation, first and foremost :)  I then literally started rolling the piece around until it looked like this...

Roll Bounce!

The rubber band kept it in place which was great - quick and easy!!

My new top was good to go with the addition of a white tank underneath and the pairing of another polka-dotted piece.

Day 284 - After

A close up of my fave part of the piece - the mixed nature of the dots on the top along with the smaller ones on the fabu belt is what I really loved.

Mix 'n Match!

The top turned out super chic and I must say I was getting polka-dotted compliments all night!!

Sunny day!!