Day 240. 125 days and $124 left togo.

Wrap dress Monday!!! No Diane von Furstenberg this go, but this number works just the same. I loved this cutesy little dress when I found it - look at that little butterfly patch that looks like it was made out of a bandana!

Day 240 - Before

But, wait, check it out...


Duh, duh, duh!!! A big, gross, splotchy patch of yellowish/orangeish color. Not going to work, especially on this white waffle material. (There are some tears as well, but you'll get to check them out in just a few...)

I decided to dye this red!! I used some RIT dye in Scarlet and poured it into a hot tub of water, aka my washing machine, and let it ride. When it was done, this is the shade it came out. Subtle red that let the ric rac trim really shine. Ooh, and wait...check out the HOLES!!

Celebrity Skin!!

There were tears along the sleeves that I had to stitch together, so I got out my machine and sewed some final tweaks.

Stitching up the holes!

My wrap was ready for the day!!

I totally stole someone's door for my photo-op...

Day 240 - After

If you happen to be reading...A - thanks, and B - your door is lovely.

ECU! (Extreme Close Up!)

And, drum roll please, the winner from Bridesmaid Week chosen on was BETSY!! Woo hoo!! Because of the amazing feedback, I've got a runner-up survival kit winner that gets a Miss Oops Critical Care Kit along with a hair clip made from a bit of the lace applique on that extra wedding dress sleeve. JILL is the winner winner, chicken dinner!! Thanks to everyone for entering…next giveaway is around the bend, so stay tuned! xx Marisa