Day 134. 231 days and $228 left to go.

Now I LOVE metallics - anything gold, silver, or shiny, sign me up. And that's across the board from shoes to purses to dresses. One of my favorite tops is this grey Cynthia Vincent piece from a few years back with silver mesh sleeves... Metallic sleeves rule!

Totally heart this, so when I first came across this puppy below, I knew it would be rocking in no time.

Day 134 - Before

Here's a little close up of the shoulder pad action as well...

Shiny pads!!

Notice they match the fabric of the jacket. This nondescript clothing brand was very meticulous with the creation of said pads. Time and care to make the shoulders really pop...yep, there's the pun! I clearly had to take them out.

Taking out the shiny pads!

Next I took in the jacket a bit - hemmed the sleeves as well as the body of it to make it a little more fitted on me.

Taking it in...

After that, I popped the jacket on top of my wife beater and was ready for a little errand running.

Day 134 - After

To the market for some ingredients for my cooking club on Tuesday eve. It's Japanese themed and I've got the veggies, so I'm crafting two 美味いです(that's delicious in Japanese) side dishes involving wasabi and a miso glaze. Yummers :) If there aren't any huge 失敗 (that's flops in Japanese), pics will follow.

PS, little shoulder pad update!!!

Bin o'pads!

It's filling up friends!! Woo hoo! I smell a contest when it's completely full - perhaps a little guessing action for a very fabulous prize? There's still time though...looks full, but those pads will smush down to the size of golf balls. PS, congrats to Phil Mickelson for winning the Masters today. That green jacket looks dashing on you!

Color of victory!