Day 82. 283 days and $279 left to go.

For my Thursday ensemble, I went with a piece that was super 60s housewife - I got called I Love Lucy at the office today after I changed up this puppy a bit. Keep in mind friends, it's still rather warm in these parts... Day 82 - Before

A white, sheer, nightgowny-robe piece that was ripped and slanted along the edges...that was the choice today. A classy nod goes out there to that person who did a stellar job with the blades - bravo, really. What I did enjoy about this piece the most was the amazing lace detail by the wrists and the ruffles by the collar. To accentuate those lace accents, and forge away from the drab white color, I grabbed my box o'RIT dye, picked the lovely shade of Evening Blue as the color to change it to, threw it in a pot on my stove, and let the color sink in. Right after the dying was done and it had time to dry, I grabbed my trusty scissors and evened out the poor trim job. Steady hand wins the race...

Before it was ready to go, I pushed the sleeves up and actually just gathered and safety pinned them from the inside to keep them short and ruched looking instead of long and blech looking. It was warm out and the piece was still rather sheer, so all I did was add an old vintage tank top with blue hibiscus and green stripes underneath and it was ready for the day!

Day 82 - After

Nothing screams office shot then a picture at the elevator, right? The Evening Blue shade was a subtle enough difference to really bring the lace detailing out, especially by my shoulders.

Frilly Close Up!

Totally happy with my girly top for the day. I'll get being called Lucille Ball any day..may just have to dye the tresses instead next time!!