Day 69. 296 days and $292 left to go.

The rain was a-fallin' again today, and instead of going with a dark and cozy piece (as I'm extremely comfortable doing), I opted to go with something with a pop of color. It was a Friday, the work week was coming to an end, the Super Bowl is around the corner - this all seemed happy and cheery to me, so yes, I wanted happy and cheery colors. Cue the fuchsia floral print... Day 69 - Before

This is like wearing Hawaii on my body! Loves it, however the sizing is rather off. This may have even belonged to a gentleman at one point as well, which I'm not embarrassed to say. So, there needed to be a little bit of tweakage to get it camera-ready. Because I wanted to pair the top with some leggings and my rain boots, those slits on the side of the shirt had to be fixed. I'm not that stoked to show off my arse, so I stitched the slit together on each side to give it a tunic feel. I also took in the arms and torso to give it more shape as big, baggy sleeves are not that cute. I added a belt to break up the floral pattern and a hat to hide my frizzy, rain-soaked tresses.

Day 69 - After

Why now I'm all ready to go out into the rainy wilds of Los Angeles, with my new outfit, my raincoat, and my umbrella, ella, ella. As much as I like vegging under covers, watching guilty pleasure movies (Point Break or Bring It On are solid options) and ordering in Chinese on days like these, it was still a Friday and I couldn't really get away with calling in "rain" to work. It's's supposed to rain tomorrow and tomorrow is Saturday. Total score!!

Self Clicked Portrait!

Let the weekend begin! All you East Coasters, watch out for that snow - be safe and have fun with your fireplaces :) xx M