Day 52. 313 days and $308 left to go.

Today's was a fun one friends. I don't think I need to explain to you why this needed some tweaking. I'm just gonna let y'all take a look for yourselves...BAM! Day 52 - Before

Hello sweater dress!! How I've missed seeing you, aside from my Golden Girls reruns where Blanche Devereaux owns stock in them. (She also owns stock in crêpe dresses with beads which you'll be soon seeing.)

I heart sweater dresses!!

I really couldn't pass this one up because the top of this sweater dress was pretty rockin'! I loved the white mohair V-patches and loved the ruched shoulders, so clearly I had to make it work. Wanna see how? Mini-tutorial begins now...

Step #1- Cut off excess sweater dress as fast as your hands can go.

Trim that fat!!

Step #2 - Enjoy a mini celebration (ie. bottle of Pacifico, yelling "woo hoo" as loud as possible, watching reruns of The Office - feel free to enjoy all or none of these. I chose all) as you wave buhbye to the rest of that pink knit fabric.

Later bottom part of sweater dress!

Step #3 - Pin the raw edges under in preparation for sewing. (Since this knit sweater material was beginning to fray and loosen, a hem was necessary to add.)


Step #4 - Sew up those loose ends!

Loose ends getting stitch'd

Step $5 - Put on that newly transformed sweater and channel your inner Blanche.

Day 52 - After

The perfect end to a slightly atrocious beginning. See, we'll leave the before image to my TV friends because if they threw a party and invited everyone they knew, they would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, "Enjoy the sweater dress. xx M"