Day 48. 317 days and $312 left to go.

The piece that I went with today was a skirt that was in pretty excellent shape to begin with. Being that I overslept (so maybe I had to catch up on DVR'd reality shows so I was fully prepared to discuss and sing American Idol renditions in the office today, what?) I needed something that I could get done in a flash. Cut to this skirt. Day 48 - Before

Now, the only real tweaking that needed to be done on this puppy was just a little taking in around the waist - it was elastic, however still a little too big to even sit on my hips, but the perfect thing to get done in minutes. I turned the skirt inside out, grabbed about two inches on the waist, pinned the front to the back and sewed a brand new seam on the side. (There was also a little bit of thread that came undone on one of the seams, but it was an easy hand stitch to put it back together.) Just a quick five minute adjustment that got me out the door with time to make two more trips back inside to grab the cord to my Mac and a Claritin (thanks wind!) for my allergies because I can't ever leave my house without forgetting something.

Day 48 - After

I went with fall colors today because it was a bit cooler this morning and reminiscent of a crisp September day in NY. It did hit 75 degrees in the afternoon and yes, I did begin to sweat, but all for the love of a good outfit, right? I paired it with a tan Club Monaco sweater I got a few years back (with a white tank underneath), a wooden beaded necklace that I picked up at LA's Melrose/Fairfax flea market for no more than $4, my chestnut-brown boots and my brown Tom Ford lookalike shades. I kinda felt like I was walking on W. 11th en route to Magnolia Bakery instead of on Robertson Blvd., en route to the office. Tomorrow is supposed to be 76 degrees, so I think I'm going to try dressing more like I live in Los Angeles. Sweating really isn't that cute two days in a row.