DIY: Home Alone Inspired Holiday T Shirt 🍕🎄

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOANN & Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I’m in the holiday spirit going nuts DIY-ing everything! From the mantle at home to my desk at work, there’s a bit of seasonal flair in all my spaces. I’ve been jonesing to make a custom t-shirt for YEARS that has one of my most favorite lines from my favorite Christmas movie (Home Alone!!!) on it and I finally made it with the help of Cobalt Cricut Explore Air 2!

Joann - CRICUT - Explore AIr Machine.jpg

This is the first time I’ve used a Cricut machine to create an iron-on appliqué and after crafting what I made, I’m obsessed. Everyone is getting custom gear beginning, now! The Cobalt Cricut Explore Air 2 cuts everything from cardstock and iron-on vinyl to specialty materials like glitter paper and bonded fabric, so I went with the iron-on vinyl to craft my T!

I wasn’t totally sure what colors I wanted to go with, so I snagged a few options from basic black to glitter and figured I’d make an executive decision once I started planning out my design! I snagged all my materials at JOANN (ps, the Cobalt Cricut Explore Air 2 is exclusively found there which just might be the perfect holiday gift for yourself!) including a few basic Ts and some Cricut tools.

Joann - CRICUT - Supplies.JPG

I set up the machine up and started to plot out my creation! There’s one scene in Home Alone that always makes me happy. The pizza delivery scene! Kevin McAllister trying to order a pizza and using the audio from Angels With Filthy Souls to “talk” to the delivery person is just beyond classic. So, my shirt is an homage to the cherished film I look forward to watching each December!

Joann - CRICUT - Test:Design.png

I logged onto Cricut’s design site and began a new project worksheet - I typed in my quote and then selected a pizza image to use from the options on their site. Because I went with pizza, I used a red T shirt as well as the matte black iron-on vinyl. (I’ll use those glitter options soon!)

Joann - CRICUT - Vinyl and Pad.JPG

I took the black matte vinyl and attached it to the adhesive mat that came with the machine (rough side up) and lined it up in the machine before pressing start. And like that my font and image were getting cut out from the iron-on material. (I also followed all the directions on the site and watched a bunch of Cricut’s YouTube videos for extra help since I’m still pretty new at this!)

Joann - CRICUT - Explore Air 2 Cobalt.JPG

Once the material was cut, I pulled away the excess (or negative vinyl) with a weeding tool and then placed my design on my shirt, plastic side up.

Joann - CRICUT - Printing:Peeling.png

Now it was time to affix the design I crafted! You can use an iron, but I tried out a Cricut EasyPress to heat the design directly onto the shirt. I programmed the tool for 30 seconds and in a jif, the design was set. After waiting for the plastic sheet to cool, I removed it from my shirt and had a brand new top to celebrate the holidays!

Joann - CRICUT - Iron On Time.png

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am!

Joann - CRICUT - Completed Shirt.jpg

I paired my new T with a vintage plaid knit skirt to dress it up a bit, but it’ll work with a pair of jeans or pajama pants depending on your holiday vibe.

Joann - CRICUT - After T 11.jpg

I have all the feels for my new outfit!

Joann - CRICUT - After T 6.jpg

Who wants to watch Home Alone with me?

Joann - CRICUT - After T 10.jpg

I think Kevin would totally approve of my shirt...except he’d pick an all cheese pie instead of one with pepperoni!

Joann - CRICUT - After T Close Up.JPG

Pizza + Home Alone = Best Night Ever!

Joann - CRICUT - After T 5.jpg

I cannot wait to start zhuzh-ing some sweatshirts and old Ts to give them a second life with my new iron-on obsession!

Joann - CRICUT - After T 7.jpg

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post created by me on behalf of JOANN and Cricut.

DIY: Riverdale Inspired Embellished Collar

I’m a bit of a TV addict (who else is a Netflix & Chill-er??) but when I watch, it’s not just for entertainment, it’s also for inspiration! I’m constantly getting outfit ideas from classic movies and TV series and this project is inspired by one of my faves...RIVERDALE! I’m obsessed with Betty’s embellished collars so I had to make one of my own. I snagged all my beads and rhinestones from JOANN to help get my DIY off the ground.

(Lili Reinhard as Betty - ℅ CW/Riverdale)

(Lili Reinhard as Betty - ℅ CW/Riverdale)

My white button down shirt BEFORE

My white button down shirt BEFORE

I snagged a thrifted white blouse as the base for my Betty lookalike and gathered all my shiny materials! To match Betty’s collar (which is Ted Baker) I needed some sew-on rhinestones, bugle beads, and thread to stitch them to the collar.

Embellished Collar Supplies

I opened all the bags of rhinestones to pull out the right stone sizes and colors to match Betty’s collar. Some round clear stones mixed with some pink ones were going to do the trick.


I had my computer open the entire time using the images I found of the collared top to guide me in my rhinestone and bead placement!

Computer Close Up of Rhinestones

Once I knew where everything was going to go, I began stitching the clear stones to the collar first. I threaded my needle with white thread, tied a knot at one end and went in and out of the holes in the rhinestones securing them to the collar.

White Collar Shirt with Rhinestones
Sewing Rhinestones to Collar

PS - I purchased the sew-on rhinestones to hand stitch the stones in place, however if you’re less inclined to use a needle and thread and want to craft your collar faster, regular rhinestones (without the holes) and some fabric glue will also do the trick!

With the clear stones stitched down…

Rhinestone Collar

I began to add the pink stones and silver bugle beads next until my collar was matching Betty’s!

Rhinestone Collar

Wanting to really match my Riverdale fave, I added a thin pink sweater on top of my blouse to complete the look.

Riverdale Betty Embellished Collar DIY

I feel so studious, yet chic in this combo!

Riverdale Betty Embellished Collar DIY

Betty isn’t the only embellished collar-wearer!

Riverdale Betty Embellished Collar DIY

Veronica has killed this look as well.

(Camila Mendes as Veronica - ℅ CW/Riverdale)

(Camila Mendes as Veronica - ℅ CW/Riverdale)

An easy adjustment to make your look more Veronica chic, DIY a pearl necklace to lie right below the collar!

Embellished Collar Supplies

Taking some pearl beads, elastic, and a longer pearl charm, string your pearls, knot them, then use a ready made pearl charm or make your own with jewelry pliers and a headpin.

DIY Pearl Necklace

Since Veronica has a darker vibe, a mulberry-colored sweater was put on to really channel her aesthetic.

Riverdale Veronica Embellished Collar DIY

I feel like I totally belong in Riverdale!

Riverdale Veronica Embellished Collar DIY

Whether you’re a Betty or a Veronica...

(Betty/Veronica - ℅ CW/Riverdale)

(Betty/Veronica - ℅ CW/Riverdale)’s easy to join the club!