DIY Halloween Costume

Halloween Location Looks: Day 14 of 31 – Boogie Nights

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 14 is here and this has been one of my go-to costume for years when I was a blonde! Today’s costume comes from:

Boogie Nights - title card

I love the 70s aesthetic, so I was super obsessed with this movie when it came out. The clothes, the music, the heart shaped sunglasses!

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

I used to get "you know who you look like" all the time with Heather Graham, so I used to pick characters she played in films as Halloween costumes.

So for this series, I couldn't resist! The gang spends some time inside the LA diner, Du-pars...

Boogie Nights - Dupar's Cast Shot that's where I went to shoot this!

Boogie Nights - Dupars

To complete a Rollergirl costume, here are the main elements you'll need:

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

1. Heart shaped sunglasses (Amazon has these for less than $4!)

2. The hair! (my wig is c/o Party City)

3. Rollerskates (Mine were snagged on ebay, but Amazon carries tons of options)

4. Halter (Snag a vintage one while thrifting!)

5. Knee socks (Something above the knee is perfect!)

Boogie Nights - quote

Yeah, I haven't totally mastered the game of skating...yet.

Right in front of Du-pars, I put on my skates and started spinning!

Boogie Nights - Dupars Rollergirl

I wonder if Heather took lessons?

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

The center parted blonde wig helped me channel the 70s vibe.

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

I used my actual camera instead of a Polaroid that Rollergirl uses, but I feel like I always see old ones at Goodwill for copycat perfection!

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

One final shot...

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

...before leaving this location.

Matching skater girls!

Boogie Nights - Rollergirl

Fourteen looks down, 17 to go!

TV Show Details:

Boogie Nights (New Line Cinema, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

Location: 12036 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Fabiola's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

I loved the movie that Fabiola's costume is based on and she did a knock-out job recreating the character. Check out how she did it!

Dear Marisa, I have been following your site back when you were in the beginning of your journey and it's so exciting to see all you have accomplished and the huge amount of fans you have all over the world. After checking your site, I started shopping at garage sales and at Goodwill and was making all kinds of outfits that I get complimented on everywhere I go. People always want to know where I bought them so I would like to share my Halloween costume with you, since you inspired me to do so much more for less.

Her inspiration...

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Joker - Batman

See how incredible her costume turned out using tons of garage sale/99 Cent Store goodies!

I got the jacket at a garage sale for $1 and dyed it purple (I watched your video on how to do it) and I cut an old dress that I was going to give it away to make the skirt.

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Joker - Batman

I bought a 1/8 of a yard of fabric from the fabric store and made a scarf/tie with it and the gloves were a score from the 99 Cent Store. I had an old green t-shirt and found a pair of cheap purple leggings to complete the ensemble.

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Joker - Batman


The makeup for 98 cents at Walmart and I got green hair spray to coat my hair. And TAHDAH!!!!

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Joker - Batman

Let's put a smile on that face. Thanks for letting me share. Fabiola

This is such a great costume, Fabiola! You're channeling the Joker and it's cool, but creepy, yet awesome, and a little scary. You hit the Halloween nail on the head. And your cohort...that Batman costume is adorable. Can I go trick-or-treating with you guys? I'll have to whip up a Catwoman suit or Penguin!

Karen's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

When I saw a photo of Karen's costume on Facebook, I reached out and asked if she'd share because I fell in love with what she did!  It's such a fun idea that I think you're all going to enjoy... It's sushi time!  Here's what Karen used...

Blizzard fleece prints were on sale at $3.50 a yard, so I got less than half a yard each of a red polka dot pattern and a maroon. The red polka dots became the suckers of the octopus and the maroon was the top. I took the polka dot fabric rectangle and made one fatter triangle in the middle and two longer triangles to the side. Laying the pieces out, I drew a two to three-inch border by laying the polka dot triangles on the maroon fabric and cutting.

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween - Sushi Costume

I sewed the two long edges together with the "correct" sides facing each other and then flipped them inside out and stuffed them with poly fill. I cut out white fleece that I had on hand to the approximate size for the stump ends of the tentacles and hand sewed (whip stitched) the edges, making sure to tuck the edges of the while fleece inside.

See how cute it looks on!

I used a plain white t-shirt for the rice part and bought a nine-inch wide piece of black felt for the "seaweed". I doubled it up wrapped it around me and used two large safety pins to pin in place. Good thing about safety pins, they're easy to adjust on the fly! I had a friend help position the tentacles so they looked balanced.

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween - Sushi Costume

The black headband was sandwiched between two pieces of cardstock and then I used marker on green construction paper to look like the plastic divider that comes with sushi. I hot glued scraps of pink cotton for the ginger and lime green fleece for wasabi (stuffed with a small amount of poly fill).

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween - Sushi Costume

It was lightweight enough to not be bothersome, but if I had a re-do I think I would go with a wider black headband for stability. I found chopsticks and a soy sauce packet that I also glued on, after draining and washing the soy sauce packet to avoid any accidental sauce explosions!!

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween - Sushi Costume

With black pants and boots, my octopus sushi was complete!

I absolutely love this costume!! What a fabulous DIY - I'm sure people were wanting to take photos with you all night!

More costumes to come!!