vintage wedding dress

27 Days Til I Do!

I loved this dress when I first saw it!

NDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress

There was a sheer embroidered layer on top of a short sleeved dress. 

NDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress

Kind of felt like a 2-in-1 look!

NDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress 3

The bottom had a bit of a flapper vibe, but I was all over that sheer top layer!

NDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress 4

Into the dye bath this went!!

NDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress Pinned Layers

The bottom layer was held together with a safety pin (I only realized this after I dyed the piece) so it was an easy removal.

NDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress

I decided to work with the top layer and the first thing I really noticed now that the color was poppin' was the lack of pearl buttons! Because there were SO many missing I thought about the sleeves I cut off from Day 28's dress... They had pearl buttons and they matched the size of the ones on the green piece, so it was an easy choice to do some button repurposing! I removed them from the leftover sleeves...

sNDAD - Day 27 - Vintage Wedding Dress Stitching Buttons

...and stitched them to the green piece. New buttons, FTW! 

When this was all done, I was playing around with different ways to wear it. Today I went with a little waist tying and jeans action.

NDAD - Day 27 - Upcycled Wedding Dress

This was another piece where the embroidery took to the dye SO nicely. It feels brand new!

NDAD - Day 27 - Upcycled Wedding Dress 5

With a vintage silver clutch and my vintage Candies, this old wedding dress-turned-blouse is ready to go!

NDAD - Day 27 - Upcycled Wedding Dress 3

Oh and there's the vintage Griffith Observatory in the background too...just adds to the whole look. 

NDAD - Day 27 - Upcycled Wedding Dress 4

I'm 100% in on the adjustments! AND the best part is, is that the top portion of the dress can be worn so many ways...I'm already thinking of alternative options!

NDAD - Day 27 - Before & After Upcycled Wedding Dress

27 days til I do!

31 Days Til I Do!

It's project time, friends!!! I'm getting married (EEE!!!) this September, and I thought....hmmm...wouldn't it be fun to really dive in, all-bride-to-be, and remake some wedding dresses? 👰👗💍

NDAD Vintage Wedding Dress - 2

So leading up to my big day in a month, we're counting down with upcycled projects using wedding dresses! YES, ALL WEDDING DRESSES. 

NDAD Vintage Wedding Dress - 1

Here's to getting knee deep in tulle, polyester, lace, beaded trim, and a whole lot of sequined appliqués for the next month!


Taking it back to where NDAD began with a fun countdown, so let's get it started.

31 days til I do! And so it begins...


Teaser: Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Happy Friday, friends!! I just wanted to thank you for all the warm wishes and thoughts being sent my way - my dad is doing amazingly well, post-surgery, and my week of hanging out with the family during his recovery has come to an end. So long North Carolina and your beautiful white blossoms - I couldn't take my eyes off of the gorgeous flowers! We took a quick pic before I left because he said that I had to do something with his scrubs!! His nurse gave me an extra set to sew and I just can't wait to work them into something fantastic! That's on the summer project list, for sure.

New Dress A Day - hospital scrube

It was fun to go a bit offline this week to hang out, help run errands, pick up meds, and cook (lots of homemade hummus and other heart healthy snacks) before getting back into the swing of things at home.

I will be getting this dress finished to post on Monday...

New Dress A Day - vintage bridesmaid dress get ready for a new, revamped, satin blue bridesmaid dress!

In the interim, there are a few giveaways going on - a $100 Visa gift card with a copy of Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews as well as a $100 Target gift card and a three month subscription to the DIY/crafty company For the Makers! Head on over to enter!!

Have a most incredible weekend!