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Remake: Black, White, & Tan Polyester Shirt, Part II

Hey friends! I've been in Texas (woo, Longhorns!) the past week for an amazing blogging conference and am back in action. Before I give a total rundown tomorrow, I wanted to post the second way I styled this fab shirt. Remember the before...

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

The size was wrong, seams were undone, and the sleeves were too big because the elastic was worn out.

But, that pattern was good. SO good!

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

Cute and casual now, right?

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

LOOK #1: Top: Vintage | Jeans: BDG | Necklace: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Flip Flops: Old Navy | Purse: Vintage

So, lets see how this works dressed up a bit more...

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

Some heels and a black mini skirt totally change the vibe of the look!

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

Red lips + black, white, and tan = fun color combo :)

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

I'm totally digging Look #2!

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

LOOK #2: Top: Vintage | Skirt: Target | Bracelet: Forever 21 (it's a dinosaur!) | Sunglasses: vintage (my mom's old ones!) | Heels: Tahari from Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Trina Turk

It's really the most fun when you can take one piece from your wardrobe and craft multiple looks from it.

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

I love playing the game of, "how many different things would this piece look best with" because sometimes I surprise myself with the pairings!!

Red White & Black Striped Polka-Dot Shirt Teaser

This shirt was one that I fell in love with right off the bat. However... Vintage Shirt - Polka dots sadly didn't fit over my head! The top portion of the shirt was way too small.

Vintage Shirt - Polka dots

I figured out a way to make it work, though!! Stay tuned...full post coming later today!!

Faith's NDAD Creation

This could be my new favorite piece! Faith knocked it out of the park. Just wait until you see what this shirt looks like now!

As a brand new first time mom, I didn't have time to scour the stores for the perfect outfit for my baby girl's one-month pictures. I wanted something feminine but not too girly, so instead of turning to expensive outfits online, I decided to make a cheaper option for this one time wear.

I scanned my closet for ideas. I found this top which a friend had given me to wear during the pregnancy. I loved the detailed stitching.



New Dress A Day - upcycled shirt

 I noticed the shirring on the back and knew it would make for an easy fit. 

Just wait until you see Faith's transformation...

I cut out the back panel and sewed a single seam to make the tube of the dress. 


New Dress A Day - upcycled shirt

I cut and hemmed pieces of the decorative parts to use for sleeves. 


New Dress A Day - upcycled shirtNew Dress A Day - upcycled shirt

I cut another piece to sew to a scrap of elastic for a matching headband and lastly I cut the bottom of the dress to fit her and hemmed it.


New Dress A Day - upcycled shirt

The whole process took about fifteen minutes. I definitely plan to make more clothing for her out of my own discarded clothes - I like sharing with her! The outfit was great for the pictures. 


New Dress A Day - upcycled shirt

Next time I will make the arm holes bigger because babies are tricky to dress! We ended up cutting her out of the dress to keep from upsetting her before her next pictures. But the dress had done its job. And again - it was free!

This is upcycling at its finest! I just LOVE how you took that top (that you got for free!!!!!) and crafted it into something so gorgeous for your girl. Using the patterned trim as a little headband is seriously perfection! I can't wait to see the next outfit you come up with!