Adrienne's NDAD Creation

Adrienne's piece for today is one of my faves! She used one of my go-to methods for when a vintage dress is just a little too bold or the pattern is super overwhelming. You can simplify and make it rock with just one easy step. Check out Adrienne's piece...

I have been reading your blog for some time now, after I discovered (and bought) the book! I have always been an aspiring DIYer, but didn't really know how to get started. Your book and blog have given me a lot of inspiration and ideas, so when some friends and I decided to go out thrifting, I dared them to find me something awful so I could make it into something wearable. This dress is the one we all agreed on.

New Dress a Day - vintage dress

It was a silk faux wrap dress, and was about 5 sizes too large! I actually loved the fact that it was silk, and the pattern, though, a bit VIVID, was too much for me for a whole dress.

One of my friends didn't think I could do anything with it, and my husband, when he took my before picture at home, started singing the "Three's Company" theme song at me (He said I looked like Mrs. Roper!). 

New Dress a Day - vintage dress

I got it at a Goodwill store in Louisville, KY, and it cost 5 dollars.

New Dress a Day - vintage dress

By cutting it in half and adding a snap...

New Dress a Day - vintage dress

...new fabulous skirt!! The best Goodwill find in Kentucky!!

Love this look, Adrienne! Way to pull off the bold print - you simplified the look to make it something wearable! Way to take that Goodwill find that your friends thought you couldn't tackle, and turn it into the most fabulous skirt! You showed them, lady!! Way to go!