Day 21. 344 days and $342 left to go.

So, I'll be honest. As I was watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale last evening, Adam Lambert gave me a little 1980s inspiration as he belted his newest jam. They flashed his album cover on the screen and it screamed Pat Benatar, so of course I thought, hello 80s. Glambert's Album Cover

Now, that glove on his hand is not part of my get up today, nor is crimped hair, or blue eyeshadow. (little aside - glove will DEF be one fun project on the horizon and perhaps I'll whip out some of my youthful pics from 1986 as well. Can we say laser background, anyone??) I did feel the need to recreate a "Walk Like an Egyptian" look that would have made the Bangles (aka my first concert) proud.

Day 21 - Before

Loved the little rhinestones. Loved the little white stripes made out of mohair. Loved the wide sleeves. Loved the $1 price tag. Simply loved the sweater. It was a little short, however it was pretty much in perf condition, so all I needed to add was one little thing...

Day 22 - After

The one little thing was not the office Christmas tree, even though it was lovely, it was my Hanes white tank I threw on underneath. Cha-ching! It not only streamlined the busy sweater, it assisted in calming the itchiness that came from that mohair as well. Like, mohair, is like way itchy. Like, totally to the max.