Day 22. 343 days and $339 left to go

Now today's ensemble cost me three bucks...this is the most I've paid for one thing so far in this fashion voyage of mine, however the evening that was ahead of me needed something spectacular to be donned. It was the 10th Annual Christmas Dinner coordinated yet again by the lovely TT. It's a little tradition she began with a large group of us who all went to college together. We began the dinner as spry twenty year olds and still act (and drink) the same as we did back then, ten years later. The piece I crafted started out like this...

Day 22 - Before

I found it at a garage sale and immediately was drawn to the intricate beading and sequins at the waist. Now, the top layer is a crepe material and it came with a silk slip dress to wear underneath. The one big, huge problem?? The word SAMPLE was written across the front in a very thick, and permanent, paint marker.

Day 22 - Before (SAMPLE!)

I still felt the need to purchase it, because even for $3, it was completely salvageable.

I tried dying the entire thing black, but that didn't work, I tried taking a black Sharpie and scribbling over the letters, √° la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but that didn't work either. Nothing seemed to click, as that paint pen was one tough sucker, so I said it's time to get cutting! I opted to chop off the bottom of the dress and make it into a festive top.

Day 22 - After

I totally dug how this puppy looked short, even though I was pretty in love with the idea of keeping it a dress. But alas, I had to make it work, and make it work I did.

I cut the crepe dress as well as the slip dress beneath and gave the slip a little bit of flair by crossing the straps in the back. This was a relatively easy tweak that I just paired with a backless corset bra (side note - I'll be honest I had to keep tabs on said bra all night so that no nipple slips took place. Crepe is sheer friends, crepe is sheer. Wasn't feeling the need to recreate any of that heinous Tara Reid action from back in the day.)

Day 22 - After (From the Back!)

Successful outfit paired with delicious food and cocktails as well as good company = the best night ever.

Party People in the House!

It's nights like these that truly make you appreciate all you have. I know that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I'm around these amazing group of people. Spirit of the holidays, that's for sure.