Remake: Vintage 60s Navy Dress

Let's just get it out there...that's ONE large collar.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 1

Not only is it large and in charge, it's also stitched in place to the dress. Spoiler - that dress is not a jumper and those sleeves and that collar are not part of one lovely, polyester white shirt!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 2

I love the colors and the pattern, but that collar?

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 3

You know, just thinking about how 🌢🌢🌢 this dress is gonna look.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - GIF

First plan of attack? You guessed it!!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 4

That seam ripper is really going to town.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 5

Once the collar was off (!!!) it was time to repin all the undone seams. Remember that collar was stitched to the neckline so there was lots to get back in place.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 7

Post-pinning, it was ready to be stitched back together again!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 8

What a difference a little collar removal makes?!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 9

I have to say - my neck feels SO much better! That collar was thick and itchy and totally uncomfortable.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 10

The dress itself was a little big at the waist, but instead of totally reworking it, I just added one of my favorite vintage belts.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 11

It's elastic, so it's totally cinchable and really did the trick to make this piece more form fitting!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 12

If my neck could talk, it would totally say thank you for letting me breathe. 

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - Before/After

From totally retro to retro chic. Just enough without being overkill!


Let the dance party begin! 

Remake: Tan Ankle Boots

I've been wearing this pair of tan booties for a few years now. We've been really good pals, but they've just been getting dirtier and dirtier and dirtier.

DIY Tan Boots - 1

Here's the thing - I got them on super sale from Cotton On. I'm talking like $10 on sale, ya feel?!

DIY Tan Boots - 2

So having to pass them along isn't the worst of times knowing they weren't an investment piece of any kind. However I broke them in to perfection.

DIY Tan Boots - 3

And that's the part that I don't want to move on from!!

DIY Tan Boots - 5

I know I can do it, but I just can't right now ;) SO, that's when I thought I could make them really fab one more time! Hello dye!

DIY tan boots - RIT dye

I thought that Rit's Evening Blue would be just the color to hide "Dirty Tan" (self named!)

DIY Tan Boots - Rit Dye 2

I grabbed a foam brush and created a dye bath with boiling water and a few tablespoons of dye. (I used a plastic cup to dip!)

DIY Tan Boots - Rit Dye 3

It was amazing to see how the shoes were taking to the dye! They're not leather, but just a textured cotton, so the dye absorption was on point!

DIY Tan Boots - Rit Dye 3

After a few more coats, we were good to go!

DIY Tan Boots - 5

I LOVE that the dye hides all the dirt now! So sneaky, yet SO good.

DIY Tan Boots - 6

Magic hour + new boots = a v happy Marisa!

DIY Tan Boots - 7

But I don't think we're done just yet...the wheels started turning to come up with another DIY on top of this DIY. Yeah, it's like Inception, but just go with it for the time being. πŸ˜‚

DIY Boots - Before / After

Stay tuned!