21 Days Til I Do!

Today's dress should look familiar to you guys! It's the same one I used for Day 22

NDAD - Day 21 - Vintage Wedding Dress

There was tons of gorgeous lace on this number...

NDAD - Day 21 - Vintage Wedding Dress 2

...as well as those fab sleeves that I kept intact on Day 21...

NDAD - Day 21 - Vintage Wedding Dress 3
NDAD - Day 21 - Upcycled Wedding Dress

But there was still a whole lot of material leftover and I just couldn't let that go to waste!

NDAD - Day 21 - Vintage Wedding Dress 5

Using the whole bottom of the dress, I added a seam at the top of the remnant material. I left a larger seam allowance here and threaded elastic all the way around. This former skirt was now going to be worn at my shoulders, so I did a little cinching to get the perfect length that would keep this new top up!

NDAD - Day 21 - Elastic around the neck

There were two seams straight down on each side of the skirt - I measured where my arms would be and I opened about 7 inches worth of fabric to create armholes. I then stitched down the raw edges securing the new armholes in place.

Day 21 - DIY.png

So what do you think????

NDAD - Day 21 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

I paired my new poncho with some skinny grey jeans and wedges, however this could have totally worked as a summery frock or bathing suit cover up!

It's so fun!!!

NDAD - Day 21 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

And honestly, I had a camisole underneath, but you could use this to layer on top of a long sleeved shirt to give it a little pizazz, or just wear a bra!

NDAD - Day 21 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress 2

I'm so happy that I used every part of this dress to craft two seriously awesome pieces!!!

NDAD - Day 21 - Vintage Wedding Dress Before/After

21 days til I do!

22 Days Til I Do!

I just LOVE today's dress!

NDAD - Day 22 - Vintage Wedding Dress

All the detail...

NDAD - Day 22 - Vintage Wedding Dress 2

...and those SLEEVES!!!!

NDAD - Day 22 - Vintage Wedding Dress 3

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them but I knew that I was obsessed with them a whole lot. 

NDAD - Day 22 - Vintage Wedding Dress 4

The more I thought about the dress, the more I knew that there was a lot to be done with it and it couldn't all happen at once!!

For this go, I dyed the dress yellow because I just knew that the lace details would just make this piece so much brighter and bolder!!

NDAD - Day 22 - Project Steps

Once it was dyed, I cut it a bit below the waist!! Those sleeves weren't going anywhere 😀

I pinned the "new" bottom and stitched a hem and the shirt was ready to wear.

NDAD - Day 22 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

Hello Sunshine! ☀️💛☀️

The top has a 60s vibe, so to modernize it a little more I paired it with some ripped jeans, mules, and my favorite (and brightest) souvenir (that purse!!!) from Bangkok. 

NDAD - Day 22 - Upcycled Vintage Dress

The flowy sleeves still have a theatrical feel, but it's not as over the top as the whole dress was. I mean those sleeves needed to be sleeved!!!!


Another dress that has been given a second life. Wanna see what I did with the rest of it? Day 21 is almost here!

NDAD - Day 22 - Upcycled Wedding Dress Before/After

22 days til I do!

23 Days Til I Do!

It's Day 23 and I'm working with this lovely dress again!

NDAD - Day 23 - Wedding Shoes DIY

We used that side portion...


...to craft a purse on Day 25.

NDAD - Day 24 - Before/After

And today we're using all of the gorg lace appliques that I removed from the skirt portion!


Wanting to do something a little different, I pulled a pair of wedges from my collection that I had every intention of upcycling about 2 years ago but just never did 🙄. It lived in a box of these assorted "to do" projects and now they're finally getting some screen time!

NDAD - Day 23 - Shoe DIY

They're neutral and totally cute, however I want to make them cuter! 

NDAD - Day 23 - Wedding Shoes DIY 5

I mean that cork wedge is just asking for something crafty to get done to it!

NDAD - Day 23 - Wedding Shoes DIY 4

First I removed the floral appliques on the top of the heels. They just weren't doing anything for me and I wanted to keep them a little simpler when I begin to add lace.

NDAD - Day 23 - DIY Wedding Shoes 6

And here comes the lace! I loved the ivory color against the neutral corking - my original thought was to cover the entire wedge and perhaps dye them a different color, but I became super obsessed with how they were turning out.

NDAD - Day 23 - DIY Wedding Shoes 7

With a little help from some tacky glue, I matched the lace design on each shoe and covered the back portion of the wedges. Then I let them sit and dry overnight before putting them on!

NDAD - Day 23 - DIY Wedding Shoes 8

Hello new shoes!! 


These feel perfect as wedding shoes for a cool, outdoor vineyard or beach wedding! 

NDAD - Day 23 - DIY Wedding Shoes 10

How pretty did they turn out? I am so in love with these shoes - they work for wedding themed events or with your normal skirt and tee pairing!

Day 23 - Before:After.png

23 days til I do!