Day 20. 345 days and $343 left to go.

Today's ensemble came from finding not just one, but two stellar pieces in a big pile of goodies for $1. Now they don't really work solo, as the shirt is slightly big and the vest is slightly small, but they make quite the dynamic duo. See below: Day 20 - Before (Blouse)

The print and collar of the shirt is fun - floral pattern and ruffles get me every time. With a little adjusting, the shirt could fit perfectly, however I found the below and that's where the wheels started turning.

Day 20 - After (Vest)

This vest's tomato color was what sold me - I knew it had to be mine just because of its bold hue. However, it was a bit short and I'm not really into baring the the winter :) Then I thought about the pairing possibilities. Taking the slightly largish blouse and throwing this puppy on top could be the very happy medium that allows each to stay in its original, snagged from the pile, form.

Day 20 - After

Voila! Insta-outfit! I rolled the shirt sleeves a bit and did some unbuttoning of the vest and the blouse, trying to accentuate the frills which is my favorite part. Because the vest is slimmer, it made the largish shirt look not so largish and saved me a trip to my dining room table where my sewing machine sits. I think she was happy to have the night off.