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Packing Update!

Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of posts this past week - my impending move has me working overtime! It's a go to work, get home at 7pm, and pack routine before crashing a few hours later. The next two weeks are going to be crazy/fun/exhausting/cathartic as I get everything I want to hold onto boxed up and the rest of the things off to Goodwill. New Dress A Day - Moving Boxes

My new place has bookshelves in the walls, so I'm excited to have a place for all of my books! I did put a stash together to donate, though. Do I really need two copies of the first Harry Potter book? (It was a toss up,

I found this new style of bracelet the best for holding onto tape without losing it or forgetting where I put it.

New Dress A Day - packing tapeNew Dress A Day - packing tape

I'm certain that a roll got put into a box :)

Like my new chair??

New Dress A Day - Kitchen

I'm taking my break moments where I can get them! More to come and you'll be seeing a bunch of your own creations getting posted while I'm working away.

Anyone have any great packing tips?? I'll take whatever I can get!! xo

31 Days of Thrift: Day 15

I found a whole lotta scarves at Housing Works and it's been fun trying to think of new ways to make them work aside from just wrapping them around my neck! DAY 15/31:

#17 – Scarf

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

I also grabbed the jeans I picked up on my same visit to pair with.

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

I loved the print on this scarf so I thought it would rock as a top!  Wanna see how I did it??

My scarf was ready to be twisted and pinned!  Here are the steps...

1. I wrapped the scarf around my neck, making sure an even amount of fabric was on each side.

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

2.  I pinched a bit of fabric from each side at the bust area and safety pinned it together.

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

3.  I finished pinning down the front of the scarf to secure the piece on both sides.

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

4. Next came the back.  I grabbed each side of the scarf right at the area of my back where I wanted the piece to fall (I had to make sure that it was still high enough to work with a strapless bra) and pinned this area.  I continued to pin down the rest of the back to keep it fully closed.

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

After all the measuring and pinning, my new scarf/top was ready for its debut!

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

It's kind of the most perfect thing to wear when it's SO hot out.  Makeshift halter, check!!  I love the back too...

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

You can always pin and repin the area to get in and out of it easier as well.  I loved the color so much - it matched the heather-y grey/purple shade of my kimono to a tee, creating an easy transition from day to night.

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

Kimono: Vintage // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: 9 West // Bag: Vintage // Necklace: Forever 21 // Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

Housing Works - Buy the Bag - vintage scarf

I need to start getting all the super hot weather outfits out-of-the-way before the temperatures really begin to go down here in Southern California.  Who's feeling true fall temperatures already?  Fill me in...I've been seeing tons of photos from friends of their apple and pumpkin picking which I'm totally jealous over.  I need to find some of these picking spots near LA - any locals out there have recommendations?  I'll gladly accept, make delicious apple cider, and take pics/send virtual sips your way!