Natalie's NDAD Creation

Natalie is my kind of girl. Let's just discuss for a second...

  1. Refashioning is one of her favorite things to do. (Samesies!)
  2. One of her first project was making little pillows (Samesies!)
  3. Thinking outside the box and crafting something old into something new. (Samesies!)

When I saw her project I just knew we were destined to be refashioning pals. See what she created...

I've been a fan of your blog for a while now, and I've had a love for sewing since my mom taught me to make little pillows with a needle and thread. I've since upgraded to a machine, and refashioning thrift store clothing is one of my favorite hobbies. Is it because I'm cheap? Yes. Is it because I like thinking outside the box and recycling something old into something new? Yes.

I found this lovely denim-ish button down dress at a Goodwill in Festus for $2.25.

New Dress A Day - vintage denim jumper

My friend's expression explains how we felt about it initially.

Best. Expression. Ever. See what Natalie did to this denim number...

After taking up the straps, taking in the sides, chopping a bunch off the bottom, and adding a little elastic to cinch the waist some more, I ended up with a dress that I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear in public! 

New Dress A Day - vintage denim jumper - upcycled

How's about that for a gorgeous new denim jumper???

New Dress A Day - vintage denim jumper - upcycled

I think this piece is perfect - what a way to take something outdated and give it new life in a totally current way! It looks like something you'd grab at the store! Natalie, my refashioning BFF, can't wait to see what you craft next!