make your own Halloween costume

Kelly's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

More amazing costumes from you guys continue! I love this one that Kelly created for her daughter. Just wait until you see the final photo!

Thank you for inspiring me and so many others to reuse, repurpose and recycle! As Halloween approaches, I wanted to share my story about the costume I made for my daughter last year. My daughter recently got into archery so I thought it would be easy to make a Halloween costume that would go with her bow and arrows - Robin Hood. Ready-made costumes I saw online were expensive ($35!) so off to the thrift store I went to see what I could do. I found this white blouse for $5 that had the "look" of what I was going for.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Halloween Costume

I cut off the sleeves, dyed the bodice a forest green color, then reattached the sleeves. I also stitched on suede-like fabric accents down the front and around the armholes, to give it that "ye olde world" look. I needed to add grommets along the suede accent so it could be laced up the middle with a leather shoelace. 

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Halloween Costume

I bought a short length of inexpensive green fabric to match and made a simple skirt (a tube with an elastic waist), also with suede accents. 

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Halloween CostumeNew Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Halloween Costume

I found a pattern online for a hat and made one out of felt. As luck would have it, a hawk had left a feather in our yard a few weeks before and we kept it just because. Well guess what? It was the perfect addition to the hat!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Halloween Costume

Her white tank top underneath, her black leggings and boots, and her bow and arrow completed the look.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill - Halloween Costume

You can't see it on her back but I also made a quiver out of a mailing tube covered in the suede fabric. I spent less than $20 for the whole thing, which included buying a grommet punch and set of grommets. It seems like a lot compared to the wonderful fashions I've seen in your posts, but I feel I got away cheap compared to the ready-made stuff. Plus I got a grommet punch out of the deal too which I have since used for other things, so it was a great investment.

Kathy, this costume is SO fabulous! $20 for the whole thing (and a grommet punch) is a great deal. I just love the creativity behind this one - your daughter looks amazing! There is really nothing like a homemade costume - the amount of detail and attention you put in is just incredible. Can I borrow this to wear next?? What's on this year's agenda??