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Help Me Pick!

I loved all of the input I received last week on which dress to spend the weekend remaking... New Dress A Day - vintage show down

...so I thought that I'd kick off the weekend with another "you pick" post!

Here's the dress...

New Dress A Day - vintage dress - thrift store

Written on the fake pocket flaps, you might ask? "JEANS". Yep. That's what it says.

New Dress A Day - vintage dress - thrift store

So the white portion is a bit spotted and has an interesting bluish/white hue. I think that some of the denim must have dyed the top part a bit. I reach out to you, my friends!! What color should I dye the top of the dress?

Blue? Red? Fuschia? Yellow? Orange? What color in the ROYGBIV circle should I choose?  What do YOU think would be the best choice? Add your comments below or head on over to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to share your thoughts! Winning color gets picked and the dress gets dyed this weekend!