Day 23. 342 days and $338 left to go

Tis the season for more holiday celebrating!! As it's the last party weekend before Christmas, egg nog, champagne, and homemade cookies are a-flowin. With that being said, the need to dress somewhat festive (ie. hints of holiday colors) has totally been on my mind. The outfit I went with today hit every holiday mark - totes super festive, check, Matched my red leather boots, check. Is dark enough in most places to hide any red wine spillage from other partygoers (...or myself), check. Here is what it looked like when I grabbed it out of a pile of other equally large pieces:

Day 23 - Before

The pink/red/blue/white/brown flowers on the black dress give it total rights to wear at night - prep time here we come because I've got some holiday shindigs to attend. It's kind of ridiculous on me in its current state as there is a LOT of fabric that needs to be adjusted and a lot of style that needs to be added. But, we're on track to take it up a notch on the chicness scale and make it party ready.

FIrst, the length needed to go. I took it up a bit so it would fall a little below my knees. Second, the width was just way too wide. As much as I heart pockets, they needed to go along with half of the fabric that fell to each side of me. Third, the sleeves needed to be tightened a bit. I love the flare they had, so I kept that intact, but brought it in as the sleeve made its way towards my arm pit. (I actually think I sewed it a bit too tight, as there wasn't much breathing room under there)

Day 23 - After

And here is what it looked like after all those tweaks! The only other thing that I added was a skinny red belt - I made the front of the dress a bit baggy by pulling it out from underneath the belt which shortened the front and left the back longer. Check it can see the belt better in the pic below, courtesy of the lovely SE.

Day 23 - After (From the Back!)

It's not only a dress that is meant to be shimmied in, it's also a dress that is meant to be super comf, which are both key ingredients in an evening with a bunch of stops along the way. Tis the season, right?