I'm All Moved In!!

You guys, I moved!! I finally got into my new place :) Sorry for the downtime, but my wifi is all set and now I'm getting ready to get back into the swing of things. Figured I'd share some of my moving shots from boxing and labeling my DIY goodies...

Packing Boxes - DIY saying goodbye to my little panic room door that when opened...

20s Apartment

...hid my wee sewing studio. I'm looking forward to my new space complete with a proper area to sew and space for all of my supplies!

Small Office

As I was sorting through things to keep and donate, I found something amazing from years ago. The gift certificate to Jennifer Convertibles that I won on The Price is Right!!!!!

 Can't wait to see what this is going to get me there...many, many, many years later. (I will obviously have to document this moment.)

Price Is Right

After days of taping boxes, wrapping glass in bubble wrap, and taking down all of my fun Etsy art, I finally had my old apartment empty. It was time to say goodbye and step into my new home that I can't wait to fill with more memories.

When moving into a new place, one always rolls their sleeves and wears their Game of Thrones tee shirt given to them by their Reddit Secret Santa.

Moving Gear - Crows Before Hoes T Shirt

That's just how one rolls.

I'm spending the next few days unpacking but will be back in sewing mode this weekend. Fun remakes to come next week!! Thanks for all your patience and lovely emails! So happy to be starting this next chapter of my life in a brand new space! xo