mini sewing machine

Red Velour Nightgown & Sewing Goodies Giveaway

I spent the weekend in bed with a cold, so in-between copious amounts of Nyquil and AlkaSeltzer Severe Sinus Congestion pills (who knew AlkaSeltzer made cold meds? I quickly found out during a trip to CVS where I hopefully did not infect the pharmacists...sorry pals!) I was trying to get apartment and outfit inspiration on Pinterest.... New Dress A Day - mini sewing machine

...while getting work done on that velour nightgown!!

Vintage nightgown - New Dress A Day

Hey zippy, zippy!

New Dress A Day - velour nightgown

Progress was made...

New Dress A Day - velour nightgown

...but it hasn't fully made it to completion. We're almost there!!

In the interim of my nose blowing, tea sipping, working the day job from home, I'm offering a little stay crafty, but most importantly STAY WARM goodie stash for a lucky reader.

New Dress A Day - Giveaway

A Dritz kit with all the sewing necessities and a cozy handmade ear warmer that will come in super handy for the bitter cold that is still plaguing the country! (The mini sewing machine is yours too, if you so choose to take it!)

Leave a comment below with an activity you love doing while stuck indoors. Maybe it's catching up on housework, or maybe it's watching ALL OF HOUSE OF CARDS' SEASON THREE EPISODES THAT JUST CAME OUT ON NETFLIX!!! (That's not me...yet, but that is how a large group of people I know spent their weekend.) A winner will be chosen next week (3/13!!) so get those activities listed.

Also, big congrats to the winner of the Rafe purse giveaway, Jessica :) Fringe is on Spring's must list, so that bag is going to be the hit accessory staple of your wardrobe! Send pictures - can't wait to see how you style it!