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Earth Month: Sonya Dakar

I'm almost back in the USA, friends! Just a few more posts from Asia before I hop on a plane and cruise back home. Today's Earth Month post is devoted to one of my favorite skin care lines by Sonya Dakar, whose products have kept me hydrated and moisturized while I've been away. Sonya is a skin genius and I remember first being introduced to her by a friend who grew up on the West Coast, when I moved out here for college. That was when I was still skin naive, hardly used moisturizer because I thought it was going to make me break out, and didn't know what exfoliation was!

Since then, I've become a bit more skin savvy. As I've aged, my skin has changed a bit and I've tried to find things that work for each specific area. Sonya Dakar's products have been so major across the board for me and being 100% natural (fragrance free!!, no parabens!!, sulfate & detergent free!!) they make my skin feel like a non-greasy, delicious on top of your popcorn, kinda way.

New Dress A Day - DIY - travel set - Sonya Dakar - Earth Day

The detox collection has been a travel savior for me this trip as my skin has dealt with plane rides that dried me out, heavily trafficked and polluted air, and humid (read: sweaty) weather, but with all of those transitioning elements, Sonya's products have kept my skin even keel. Take that, skin roller coaster!

Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic Price – $12+ Varieties – moisturizers, exfoliators, sun care, anti-aging, masks, and eye care products.