Day 2. 363 days and $363 left to go.

What I loved about this piece was the ruffled collar, ruched sleeves, and buttons on the shoulder. It used to be a nightgown, but the potential for turning it into a kickass long sleeved mini dress was on the horizon. Day 2 - Before

I picked it up for $1, performed a little altering with my trusty pair of scissors and chopped off the gown at the knees. Instead of hemming the bottom of the dress, I just left it with a raw edge (which can easily be done by anyone!) Because the top was a little large, I cinched it a bit to make it more fitted.

Day 2 - After

I wasn't down with nightgowns until now. Looks like I'm officially on the hunt for more. That's right nightgowns, bring it. I got a lot more days ahead of me.