Remake: Black, White, & Tan Polyester Shirt, Part II

Mar 25, 2015 | 15 Comments

Hey friends! I’ve been in Texas (woo, Longhorns!) the past week for an amazing blogging conference and am back in action. Before I give a total rundown tomorrow, I wanted to post the second way I styled this fab shirt.

Remember the before…

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt

Big sleeves!

The size was wrong, seams were undone, and the sleeves were too big because the elastic was worn out.

But, that pattern was good. SO good!

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt


Cute and casual now, right?

New Dress A Day - polyester shirt


LOOK #1: Top: Vintage | Jeans: BDG | Necklace: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Flip Flops: Old Navy | Purse: Vintage

So, lets see how this works dressed up a bit more…

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Remake: Red Velour Nightgown

Mar 16, 2015 | 10 Comments

When you find a red velour nightgown on your thrifting adventures, you immediately think, “this is something 6-year-old me wore.”

Vintage nightgown - New Dress A Day


Seriously, this could be the adult version of my Christmas Eve jammy-jams.

Vintage nightgown - New Dress A Day

Ready for bed!

I feel like it’s my upcycling duty to make this piece work.

Vintage nightgown - New Dress A Day


Because, there’s lots of potential here.

Vintage nightgown - New Dress A Day

Time to Transform!

Non-nightgown-y potential here, ya know?

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Weekend Teaser!

Nov 6, 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi friends!! I’ve been traveling this week so I’m a bit behind on posting, but I wanted to give you a teaser on what to look forward to over the next few days.

This mustard yellow dress is a total delight. The skirt is thick and quilty, the color is perfect for this time of year, but it needs a bit of help.


New Dress A Day - vintage mustard yellow dress

Perfect to add to my hot dog!

Hey collar, haaaaaaaaaay!! Plus lime green to boot!! Can’t wait to show you the after look of this guy.

New Dress A Day - vintage lime green dress

That’s a collar!

Love this light blue muumuu. The neck ties make for a perfect hair accent!

 New Dress A Day - vintage blue muumuu

Multi-purpose muumuu

I feel like Cinderella with our matching blue hair sashes :)

Cinderella - Hair

Matching hair sash!

Three fun outfits with three even more fun after looks to come… Would any of these make it into your Goodwill basket??

Teaser: Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Jun 6, 2014 | 9 Comments

Happy Friday, friends!! I just wanted to thank you for all the warm wishes and thoughts being sent my way – my dad is doing amazingly well, post-surgery, and my week of hanging out with the family during his recovery has come to an end. So long North Carolina and your beautiful white blossoms – I couldn’t take my eyes off of the gorgeous flowers!

We took a quick pic before I left because he said that I had to do something with his scrubs!! His nurse gave me an extra set to sew and I just can’t wait to work them into something fantastic! That’s on the summer project list, for sure.

New Dress A Day - hospital scrube


It was fun to go a bit offline this week to hang out, help run errands, pick up meds, and cook (lots of homemade hummus and other heart healthy snacks) before getting back into the swing of things at home.

I will be getting this dress finished to post on Monday…

New Dress A Day - vintage bridesmaid dress

Sleeves are poppin’

…so get ready for a new, revamped, satin blue bridesmaid dress!

In the interim, there are a few giveaways going on – a $100 Visa gift card with a copy of Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews as well as a $100 Target gift card and a three month subscription to the DIY/crafty company For the Makers! Head on over to enter!!

Have a most incredible weekend!

Amber’s NDAD Creation

Mar 15, 2014 | 9 Comments

My girl Amber submitted a piece a while back (refresher HERE!) and I have to say that I’m obsessed with what she does. Her before looks are totally on par with mine as well, which cracks me up! I love the “let’s give sour face when we’re wearing something not so pleasant” move. It’s my go-to when I’m shooting the before looks – I live for the sour face and she totally nails it. Also, her recreations have been über chic. See what she’s up to today!!

My roommate was cleaning out her closet and was tossing this shirt, so I got it for free! Obviously it doesn’t fit my bust region, so I’m going to turn it into a skirt!

New Dress A Day - DIY - thrift store shopping - upcycled shirt


Let’s turn this puppy into a truck, y’all!

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