Weekend Wedding Preview!

Aug 13, 2014 | 2 Comments

One of my most favorite pals got married over the weekend (hence some slight weekend post delays…) and I can’t wait to show you photos along with an easy DIY I crafted for my dress that took less than a minute.

New Dress A Day - wedding

Me & Mrs. Fox

There are so many fun pics to share and lots of fox masks to wear.*

*I’m a rhymin’ fool, yo.

Stay tuned…

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Remake: Mauve Polyester Dress Part II

Aug 11, 2014 | 7 Comments

Here’s that mauve polyester dress again!!

New Dress A Day - Mauve Polyester Dress

Lean back!

Long sleeves, extra layer up top…

New Dress A Day - Mauve Polyester Dress

Should I make a pillow with this?

…got turned into this fabulous dress the first round!

New Dress A Day - Mauve Polyester Dress

Looks a bit different now, right?

Nothing like some halter action!!

New Dress A Day - Mauve Polyester Dress


I was still left with the top layer of the dress and I had to find a second use for it!! Wanna see what I did??

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Week of DIY-ing!!

Aug 8, 2014 | One Comment

It’s been a bit of a DIY week!!

From cupcakes for a little cupcake throwdown…

NDAD - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Hello, cupcake!

…to watercolors for a handmade card for my pals S&J’s wedding this weekend (you’ll see the card on Instagram on Saturday before the soirée)…

NDAD - DIY watercolors

It’s like art class!

…I’m just catching up now of more outfits!!

You saw this fabulous mauve polyester piece a few weeks ago, go from frump to chic…

New Dress A Day - Mauve Polyester Dress


…and I’m using the top portion next!

New Dress A Day - Mauve Polyester Dress

Should I make a pillow with this?

After the weekend, I’ll be posting how I summerized it! Stay tuned!!

Summer Spontaneity with Bud Light Lime

Aug 7, 2014 | 10 Comments

I’m working with Bud Light Lime on today’s post (I’m a total beer gal in the summer!) and am already thinking of ways to upcycle the sleek can! I have to say that the summer has got to be my most favorite time of year. I think it has to mostly do with the fact that I get to see my friends more than usual :)

It’s the time that tons of dinner (and dessert parties – just had my first one!), movie screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Coming to America was just enjoyed on the big screen there), weekend festivals at Venice Beach (nothing like the smell of funnel cakes on the boardwalk), and daytime museum trips with the girls take place.

New Dress A Day - museum day!

Daytime at the Museum

Maybe it’s just that some of our most fun and memorable moments are created during this time of year. I always get giddy in late-April knowing that Memorial Day is right around the corner, aka, the start to my favorite season and the annual pool party to celebrate all the friends’ birthdays in May.

New Dress A Day - Pool Party!

Pool party!

I tend to be up for whatever during this time too…how about some field day action at Griffith Park? I don’t know if I ever would have thought that I would be playing tug of war with my BFFs in a skirt on a Sunday afternoon. (Yep, I totally wore that vintage skirt to a field day – you’ll see the full post tomorrow!)

New Dress A Day - field day

Field Day! 

This is one of those spontaneous summer moments that end up being more fun than I could have ever imagined. Beers (Bud Light Lime has been my refreshing, summertime, hint of citrusy lime, go-to ), sandwiches from Portos (LA-ers, you know what I’m talking ‘bout), music, and the best of friends. #perfectday

If I had to pick, I think that my favorite summertime activity are concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

New Dress A Day - Hollywood Bowl



My friends and I have been going each summer since we graduated and the most memorable moments have been shared here. We’ve tripped on stairs, cakes have fallen on people’s laps, beers have exploded in the cans because of the trek up the hill, silly phrases have been coined… Really nothing is better than making a last-minute decision to head to the Bowl for a classical night because we all have the evening free, gathering up a picnic full of goodies, and sitting under the stars with John Legend playing in the background.

New Dress A Day - Hollywood Bowl

Bowl Collage!

I smile every time.

I’ve got a wedding this weekend where I get to see all of my gang from the above photos and cannot wait to create more Kodak moments. Don’t worry – I’ll be posting everything on Instagram.

This summer, Bud Light Lime is bringing you the flavorful, refreshing twist of lime that will keep you ready for spontaneous fun all summer long. And now, the perfect beer for whatever happens invites you to click HERE to prove that you’re #upforwhatever.

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Remake: Black & Yellow Spotted Dress

Aug 6, 2014 | 24 Comments

You got a fun teaser of this dress yesterday and it felt a little robe-ish.

New Dress A Day - yellow vintage dress

Hits right at those cankles!

I was obsessed with the pattern. Also loved that the button area up top was physically sewn shut. Fake buttons always make me happy :)

New Dress A Day - yellow vintage dress

We’re sewed shut, folks!

(I was buzzing like a bee here – the colors just screamed bumblebee!)

New Dress A Day - yellow vintage dress


The waist was a little big…

New Dress A Day - yellow vintage dress

Just, eh.

…so I definitely wanted to make some fit adjustments. The shape it there, but I have some small tweaks to make to turn this into a dress that I’d wear all the time!

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